The End Times

Christians aren’t perfect. Not even close. Some people seem to believe the illusion that we actually have things under control! When in reality, God is the perfect one. And we live everyday attempting to be just like him.

But we are humans. And being perfect is something literally impossible for us to achieve. But we do our best to serve Him, and let His love pour out of us onto those around us.

But at the end of the day, there are still worldly people who unconsciously (or consciously) ridicule us for living the lives we were called to lead.

I’ve been called “the christian”, made fun of for my music choices, and laughed at for attending church.

But all of those trivil things pale in comparison to what Jesus has done for us. He payed the ultimate price to give us eternal life. And the amazing part is… if his death would grant only you eternal life, he’d do it still. Without a moment of hesitation.

But you have to claim your gift. You must dedicate your life to Christ. The Bible says, “For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved” (Romans 10:9-11)

If you were to pass away right now, would you be happy with your eternity? Think it over, and pray. There is a Father out there who loves you, despite what your past may have been.

Now is a very important time to make your decision on where you stand with God. We are on the threshold of the end times. Many of the prophecies in the Bible relating to the end times are being fulfilled.

The Bible details famine, wars, and earthquakes in unusual places (Matthew 24:7).There has been a major swell of earthquakes in Costa Rica over the course of the past 60 years. There have also been numerous reported earthquakes in Japan and Mexico alike.

Around 21,000 people die daily due to hunger and famine. Most of them are children. And has there ever been a time when everyone was at peace with each other? Not recently.

There are many other signs that have been fulfilled. I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in this post. Simply look around. The evidence is here. We may not know the exact day or time, but our Father is coming.

Talk to Him now. Right things with him now, because tomorrow is not promised. Lead others to Him, for eternal life is a gift so be shared. Bless you all!


The Holy Bible


Laugh A Bit

I don’t know about you guys, but last week was pretty rough on me. So I’m going to try to remember the most funny incidents I’ve experienced in my nearly 15 years of life. Some are pretty good, if I do say so myself. 😉

  • A few weeks ago, a friend and I went to a lock in. It started on Friday, and I had woken up a roughly 6:45am  and it was currently 2:30am Saturday. I had been awake for nearly 20 hours and I was tired.

I could feel myself starting to get loopy. I mean, I was laughing way to much at mildly funny jokes. That was beforebecame the joke. Suddenly, everything I did became extremely hilarious to my friend.

She’d have to tell me something like 3 times for me to understand. I kept saying “What? I’m not working…”.  She’d just laugh. A bit later, I was sitting down on a chair. I had somehow ended up sitting on my legs. My friend decided we were gonna walk around a little.

“W-where are we going..?” I asked sleepily. “Just come on!” she insisted. She grabbed my hand and pulled. And of course, I started falling off the chair due to gravity and it’s stupid laws.

“Wait, my legs-” I said in a flat, non-concerned voice as my face hit the floor. Looks like I had forgotten to un-tuck them. Me and my friend laughed so hard.

  • Awhile back, we had a black cat named Raven. She was still a kitten, and was active quite a lot. So that’s why it was odd when it had been a few hours and we hadn’t seen her. My little sister, who was around 4 at the time, was thoroughly interrogated.

She had been playing with her before she had disappeared. We had looked nearly everywhere, called her, shook the food bag, but all to no avail. So we asked, “Allie, have you seen Raven?”. She looked up thoughtfully. “I wonder if she’s still trapped in that drawer…” she asked herself out loud.

Raven was, in fact, still trapped in that drawer. We found her pretty quickly after that. This is one of my favorite stories to retell. It’s pretty funny.

  • One time, I was reading on my kindle. I sat comfortable on the couch, blocking everything else out. All of a sudden, I heard my brother ask me: “Have you been bad today?” in the weirdest voice ever. “Hmmm?” I say, looking up. I then shriek, as he’s dressed in a full body spider man suit. Mask included. It was very… creepy.


  • This is another moment of Tyler’s weirdness in it’s full glory. “Hey Annie, wanna see something awesome?!” Tyler asks eagerly. “Sure.” I reply, turning my head. Tyler pulls his shirt up, and I see a marble in his belly button. Then, in a super weird voice he says: “I’m Mr. Belly Button Orb!” I just kinda look at him. “Oh-kay then…”

That’s all I have for now. Have a great week!

Lack Of Content

Hey guys. I’m sorry for the lack of a decent post. Let’s just say midterms and auditions. 🙂
I’m going to try and get some good, fulfilling material up here over the weekend… but I thought I’d at least put this so I didn’t leave you hanging!
The next post will be about either the school system, or self harm. Maybe about faith in schools. Maybe even the adventures of Sleep Deprived Annie! 😂 Either way, it’s coming!!
Bless you all!

💜 Annie

How To Master Your Audition

My school is putting on Grease for our spring show. I’m very excited to be part of this production! I’ve just received the audition materiel today!! *squee!*  At the meeting, we went over a few things. There will be a singing/monologue audition. Then we have a dance audition in groups.

Now that I have all my information, I’ve gone into full preparation mode. I’m auditioning for Sandy. I plan to give my all at that 3 minute audition. So that obviously means I have to start now. My audition is next week, after all.

One thing I’ve been doing is researching the character I’m trying out for. It never hurts to get a little background. You have to act as though you already have the part, and the audition is your performance. You want to be that good.

Like I said, know your character. I googled the the role of Sandy, and came up with lots of information that I can incorporate into my audition.  Lots of characters from plays and movies have their own Wikipedia pages. They can have lots of information, so check ’em out!

Does your audition require you to sing? You should listen to the song you must sing as often as possible. It will become second nature to sing it, and that’s exactly what you want. You want to focus on your voice, not the words.

Right before your audition, do some vocal warm ups. And maybe even breathing exercises for good measure. Don’t be nervous! You’ll do great!

There are lots of dos and don’ts for audition. Please enjoy these lovely visuals on a bad audition vs. a good audition. 🙂

A bad audition.

A bad audition.

This, my friends, is not how you want to appear.

Lisa here is stuttering though her words. Lisa is frowning.

She’s shaking, but she’s statue still at the same time. You want to act out the part.

She’s obviously nervous. Guys. Don’t be like Lisa.

Instead, be like our other auditioner. Who is coincidentally me.

A good audition.

A good audition.


This here is Annie’s (Told you. Hehe.) audition.

She speaks clear and smoothly. She moves around, and really gets into the scene.

Her clothes aren’t over formal, but she’s not in rags either. She is relaxed, and has a smile on her face.

She doesn’t have her scripts. At auditions, I’m usually permitted to look at a script.

But I generally don’t, because in my head, it shows the judges I can memorize lines and have self confidence if I go without them.


But that’s just me. You can do whatever you wish for for your own audition. Now I’m gonna tell you one thing. Don’t be yourself. Be your character!

Good luck, guys! Pursue your theatrical dreams! ❤ Annie


I thought I’d share a piece of my poetry in this lovely Sunday evening. Have a wonderful weekend!

“he told her no

she wrote

he broke her heart

she wrote

she loved him, but but he did not love her

so she wrote

she became famous

for her tales of woe

he wanted her

but she told him no”

Annie Harley

Love Kills – Part 1

Hi everyone! I had a really creepy, and yet very interesting dream last night. I liked so much, I decided to get a story out of it. I have no idea how many “parts” this story will have. All of the parts will be in their own category for easy assess. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!


I slammed my hand on the elevator button. Once, twice, three times. Couldn’t this thing sense my urgency? At last, I heard the ding of the doors opening. There were two others on the small elevator. It was a small mercy.

He couldn’t get me with other people around. I doubt he wanted the public involved. I eyed the other occupants, apprehensive.  After the day I’d had, I believe I had the right to be suspicious of everyone. I breathed a sigh of relief. These people we’re just normal citizens.

The elevator opened, and I found myself facing Carter. I must have not been paying attention; I knew he worked on the 1st floor of the hotel. Stupid.

My heart started beating. He wasn’t a threat. They hadn’t gotten to him. Not yet anyways. But he’d been keeping things from me. Important things. Like the whereabouts of the guy who wants to murder me.

“Carter.” I said, with a curt nod. Some of my brunette curls landed in my face. I tried to blow them out, but they remained still. Defeated, I pushed them out of the way. “Savannah.” he said, stepping into the elevator. He pressed the button for level 8.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, fidgeting with the bracelets that climbed up my arms. He gave me an odd look. “I work here.” he said. Oh. Duh.

“Anyways,” he said, his eyes darting about nervously. I sighed internally. The fact that he wouldn’t look at me made me pretty sure he was about to lie.

“Matt just texted me. He said he just got in at Paris a few hours ago. Why aren’t you there with him, Savannah?” he implored, as though he didn’t know my former partner had already tried to kill me. Twice. And maybe he didn’t.

“Look, Carter. I can’t talk right now. I have to…” I searched my mind for a valid excuse to leave the cramped elevator. “I have use the restroom. I’ll catch up with you later.” I said. The elevator opened on level 5 and I bolted. I ran probably a little too fast.

I found the stairwell, and pounded down the steps to level 1. I hoped against hope that Carter hadn’t returned to the front desk yet. Thankfully, he hadn’t.

I slipped out the front door, and the balmy Los Angeles air hit me in the face, effectively blowing the hair out of my eyes. I suddenly felt very vulnerable without Matt here with me. Though Matt was the same age as me, 15, his mature looks and fake passes got us places. He had my ID with him in Paris.

Without him by my side, I felt exposed and young. I checked my purse. I still had all the money from Eddie, Matt’s older brother. Over $10,000. I think I needed an upgrade for safety’s sake.

An hour later, I walked out of a local boutique feeling like I was an adult. Thankfully, I looked like one too. My old pink Kalahari tee shirt was replaced by a sleeveless yellow tank top. I had a brown shawl over my bare shoulders.

My denim capris we’re in perfect shape, so I’d kept them on. My nearly broken sandals were replaced by a sturdy pair of purple Converse. To top it off, I purchased a sun hat and sunglasses. My lips were colored a dark red. I reached my hand in my back pocket, and gasped in surprise.

My fake pass was there. Annika Williams, 19 years old. I wondered in my mind how it had gotten there. Matt always kept both of our passes.

The memory hit me like a truck. Me asking for my fake ID. Him telling me I didn’t need it, since he’d always be with me. Protecting me. He’d slipped his hand in my back pocket, simultaneously pulling me in for my first- and last- kiss with him. That was the night before he tried to kill me. The first time.

I shook off the memory. I had probed that moment far too many times. It was unhealthy. I don’t care how I felt about him before. What happens after, right now, is the stuff I need to focus on.

I began to walk, mentally planning how I was going to get to Paris. Because Matt was about to cause a world of destruction, if they had gotten to him. And they most certainly had.

2k16 Is Right Around The Corner

2015 was a pretty great year, all things considered. Like every year I’ve experienced, it had it’s high points and it’s low. This year had some pretty well defined heights, and even more defined lows. It’s been a year of self discovery, really. Finding out who Annie really is.

It was my first year with a crush. A real, actual living crush. Now I’ll tell you, I’d thought I had crushes before. Or maybe I just wanted to have a crush. One of my crushes was the boy at my babysitting course when I was 11. I met this boy, talked to him once, and never saw him again after that day.

Another was the lead in a Christmas play I was in. Never talked to the guy, not once. Not to mention he was like 2 years older than me, and didn’t even look my way. Anyways, those “crushes” were promptly blown right out of the water by this guy.

I had the feels for this guy. And I didn’t realize until later how blatantly obvious my feeling were, though I felt super stealthy about the whole thing. I also discovered my reaction to having feelings for someone.

  • Using Pinterest to pin love quotes. (I have a whole board dedicated to this, guys.)
  • Taylor Swift. All the time.
  • Writing romantic poetry, and anything that comes to mind. (I have a whole like 15 page Google Docs document entitled “FEELINGS”, in which I basically just wrote my feelings down.)

I also was forced to discover myself when faced with rejection. Though this boy brought me on top of the world for a time, he was also the same reason I came crashing back down again. My poetry took a sharp turn, from perky and bright to dark and grim.

I was absolutely positive these feelings were shared. So I asked how he felt about me. No, no. I didn’t actually say it in words. Um, hello! Shy and antisocial, remember? I wrote a note. On a tiny, vibrant orange piece of paper. I dropped it on his desk and waited.

I was suddenly aware of how dirty and disheveled I was. I probably wasn’t that bad. But I was uber self-conscious. My hair was a wreak, and I felt dumb. Just dumb and embarrassed. I hoped beyond hope it would end up like the movies.

During the horrible, horrible period of waiting, I thought of all the reasons I wanted him to respond with an astounding YES! Over the past month or two, we had connected. We shared many interests. He liked video games. So did I. And I loved his smile. I remember thinking about things to make him laugh, just so I could see his face light up.

After about a week of agonizing waiting, I couldn’t wait any longer. I pretty much knew what the answer to my question was now. But I had to hear it. Again, being shy and antisocial, I utilized Facebook to talk to him. After typing the riskiest message ever, I closed my eyes and tapped enter.

I’m pretty sure I shut Facebook and ran off. As much as I need to read that message, I did not want to at the same time. When I finally got the “no” message, I didn’t really react. I was almost OK with it. That didn’t last long. Soon, I was blasting the break up portion of my Taylor Swift collection.

I cried. Later on, after the shock had passed. You’re probably thinking that that’s slightly ridiculous. That I’m “too young” to really feel anything for someone. But I felt something genuine for this boy. It it really hurt me to know it wasn’t mutual. But what could I do? You can’t force anything.

One positive outlook is the wonderful poetry I got out of the experience. Grim, certainly. But wonderful nonetheless. This onslaught of emotion brought out a new ability to write like I never had before. The depressing stuff was even better than the princessy, lovie-dovie stuff I had produced before.

Now you’re waiting for the I moved on, and now I’m living happily ever after, blah blah blah. But truth is, I’m not entirely over him. As much as I’d love to be, I can’t say that. My feelings have been shoved in a corner. I can’t risk acknowledging them, for the fear that they’ll come back stronger. And I can’t let that happen. He’s in a relationship now.

But out of all of this, I learned one crucial thing. Don’t ever, not even for a moment, let your happiness be dependent on another human being. Learn to be happy with you. Just you, nobody else. For a time, I felt like I’d never be happy again. But I was wrong.

“And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.” -Matthew 7:25

Build your happiness on the Rock. Because the Rock will sustain you through even the toughest storms. I don’t know what 2016 holds for me, but I’m ready. Bring it on!

❤ Annie


I don’t know how anyone could endure a single day in this world without Jesus. I really don’t. Who do you look to in times of trouble? Who consoles you when you’re sad? Who makes you happy? Now I’m sure you thought of an answer to every one of those. But, let me ask you this.

Is that source 100% reliable? Always gonna be there, through every single thing this world can hurl at you reliable? Probably not.

Having faith is hard sometimes. And it probably looks insane to someone who hasn’t felt the chill of the Holy Spirit down their back. I mean, we’re legit putting all of our trust into something we cannot see. That probably looks a little nutty to a random onlooker. We may not see God. But we can feel His presence. You can too, if you’re looking for Him.

“Well, you can’t see the wind, but it moves the leaves from the bottom to the top of the tallest trees.” -TobyMac, Feel It

Sure, you can’t see the wind. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. You can see it moving and changing things with it’s mere presence. You can feel it. God is like the wind.

I recently went to a youth retreat. It was the most amazing, exciting, and life changing weekend in my entire life. I would add even more positive adjectives to that sentence, but I’d probably lose the effect I was going for.

But you get the idea. It was one of the fabulous things I’ve experienced, and I can say that with absolute certainty. The retreat is called The Next Level, because the intention is to bring you to the next level in your relationship with God.

And I’ll tell you, it did. It did like a billion times over. We had live music of some of my favorite worship songs, great sermons… and, and I can’t even describe it. I knew God was real before, but afterwards I had absolutely no doubts. Whatsoever.

This retreat was overnight. I’d never done anything like that before. And I’ll be honest, I cannot spend the night anywhere. Anywhere. I kind of messed up my whole spending-the-night-at-places future at 7 years old. My best friend lived next door to me, and I was having my first sleepover at her house. It was all cool until it was bedtime.

I went home, obviously. But at The Next Level, I couldn’t exactly just go home. Usually, I can’t fall asleep. I’ll have a panic attack, and have difficulty catching my breath. But miraculously, none of those occurred. I slept peacefully.

After my successful sleep, I knew everything was going to be fine. With that weight lifted from my shoulders, I thoroughly enjoyed myself the rest of the weekend. I was really excited, because I had heard that the Saturday night service was going to be awesome. And I’ll tell you, it was. It really was.

All of us were jumping, dancing and praising. It was exhilarating, and amazing, and… just use your own adjectives! There are no worlds for it. Music is a phenomenal way to connect with God. I was filled with the Holy Spirit that night. Reason #585,027,494 that I’ll never, ever forget it.

So one day, maybe play some praise music. And just sing. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, you just sing your heart out. And have fun. ❤

This is my Spotify Worship List, if you don’t have any songs to sing.

The Drama Club Experience

OK. Being shy and acting don’t generally go hand-in-hand, am I right? But that didn’t stop me. And really, I must have been pretty brave. I started drama club in 8th grade. My first year in public school ever. Yep, I was homeschooled. Yes, we generally wore ‘jammies. Yes, we actually learned stuff. Anyways…

So, here’s me. Brand new kid. Total social dweeb. Can’t form coherent sentences to potential friends. Joining drama. I found out on the first day of school that my language arts teacher (Mrs. G) was also the drama teacher. This further encouraged me to join, because she is a very nice and cool teacher. I soon discovered that the fall production was none other than Young Frankenstein.

All I really knew about the movie at the time was that it was one of my dad’s favorites. And also that it was very, erm… inappropriate at times. The first day of practice was actually school-proofing the scripts. So after doing some research on the movie, I decided to audition for the female lead of Inga.


Inga is the romantic interest of Dr. Frankenstein (pronouced Frankensteen!) in the production. She is the beautiful, and slightly ditsy blonde girl. Needless to say, I didn’t make the part for Inga. I must say, the girl who did was wonderful with the part. I did receive a speaking role, though.

Can you picture it? Annie as Ziggy the village idiot! Yep. That’s the role I received. I don’t believe Ziggy is actually in the movie. I shared this role along with a 7th grader. I actually really enjoyed playing Ziggy. I had fun with this quirky character. The play was a musical, and Ziggy was in the opening scene. We sung and danced and it was exhilarating. I had three scenes total and even some lines!

young fronk

Me and my sister after the show.

I loved that show. We had some fun songs to sing in that show, and it was a great welcome to the drama experience.

It was in that show that I developed my first “crush”. It wasn’t really a crush… not sure what it was. But lets just say I had some butterflies for a certain senior.  *shudders at my past self*

After that first show, I was still awkward as ever. But I decided I would audition for the spring show. We put on Alice in Wonderland.

Alice was hands down my favorite show out of the three I’ve done with my school. I was awarded with the role of The White Queen. I was on top of the world with that role. Right now may be a good time to mention my unhealthy obsession with princesses, queens and the like.

Me backstage as The White Queen.

Me backstage as The White Queen.

It was not only on stage that I felt like a queen, but the feeling carried with me at school too.

It was one of the most amazing periods in my life. Because this time I actually had a reasonable, actually real crush. That things could actually happen with.

Lets just say I was backstage, nearly missing cues because of this boy.

And lets just say I haven’t quite gotten over him yet. But that’s another story, for another time.

Opening night was ah-maz-ing! The applause, the sense of accomplishment. It was wonderful. Though the dress was scratchy, I’d do it all again. Still one of the best times in my life.

This is “my scene”, as I refer to it. Though it wasn’t just me out there. The role of Alice is played by the talented Angela Sproviero.

The next play the school put on was The Wizard Of Oz. I auditioned for Dorothy, feeling quite confident in myself that I’d end up with a lead. I got Teacher Muchkin #1. I wasn’t really aware there was such a thing as a teacher munchkin until I was said teacher munchkin.

I was pretty upset. I wasn’t angry or anything. Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely grateful to receive a role. But I guess I felt pretty low on self-esteem after going from the whole White-Queen-I’m-on-top-of-the-world stuff to a munchkin teacher.

But I came to embrace my role. There was a big dance to learn, and I had a line to say, and I even got to hand off a flower to Dorothy! So really, if you’re into drama club, just let me tell you to keep trying no matter what role you get. Be the best one on stage, whether you’re a tree or Dorothy.

Me and my siblings after the play (they were munchkins as well)

Me and my siblings after the play (they were munchkins as well)

Hi, Friends!

Hi! I’m Annie. A 14 year old freshie. I’ll be blogging about life in general, poetry, and bits of my writing. I like writing, which you probably assumed because of the fact that I’m writing a blog

I’m a very christian girl. I love Jesus and all He’s done for me!!

I also like acting! I’m in drama club at school. I played Ziggy the village idiot) in Young Frankenstein, The White Queen in Alice in Wonderland, and a Munchkin teacher in the Wizard of Oz. The next pay is Grease, and I’m trying out for Sandy!

I’m also shy. Real shy. I don’t really like people; I’d rather hide out in my room.

Please and thank you for reading, hope to see you again!! ❤ ❤ Annie